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Why not buy a Samsung M51?😕

Published by Rajwinder Singh on

Samsung M51

So, Samsung is advertising its new Samsung M51 on a very large scale. I’m getting Ads on every Youtube video I open, with that cute monster competing with the mobile. So, out of curiosity, I searched the mobile to know all about its Specs. So, I have seen many things that Samsung is trying to hide in the Mobile and advertising on a few PROs of Samsung M51. So, let’s Talk about it in Detail. Is it worth buying?

So, first of all, let us talk about what other companies provide at this price point of 25000 INR.

  • Realme provides us with a 65W charger at 15000INR with 6000Mah Price.
  • Xiaomi Gives us Snapdragon 855 at 25000INR.
  • Oneplus Nord gives us 5g with Snapdragon 765G.
  • POCO gives us the Same Processor 18000 INR.
  • Each of these companies provides us an IN-Display Fingerprint Scanner with a Super AMOLED Display.

I think so from advertising you know about the Pros. So, we shall talk about Loopholes in this Mobile.

  1. Design and Build Quality: From the First sight doesn’t it look Similar to M31 of Samsung, yes because it is completely Design and Body of M31, With that Plastic Body labeled as Glastic. That’s Bad.
  2. Fingerprint Scanner: Fingerprint Scanner given in this is integrated with Power Button and giving us Amoled Display, Samsung should provide with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, but sorry in case of Samsung have reserved it for A series in Mid Range that too slower than Flagships. So, Samsung is insecure about Sales of their mobile to each other only…
  3. Display: So, we know that other mobile companies provide us with 90Hz Refresh Rate Display but they provide us with just Full HD 60Hz.
  4. Charger: Samsung gives us a 25W fast charger for 7000Mah Battery, do you think it is Fast enough? No, not at all, Realme is giving 65W at 15000INR. It is not up to Mark.
  5. Processor: So, if you are an old Samsung User from the Series then it may be an upgrade from the old Exynos Processor, but as mentioned earlier other Companies provide us with better Processor like Snapdragon855 on K20 Pro And all others too.
  6. Heating Solution: Samsung is promoting How they can extend Battery life up to 2days. But I could not find any Detail about the Cooling System of the Mobile, as everybody knows a few disasters by Samsung Like Note7.😂

So, now let us talk about marketing Strategy by Samsung, how they are promoting it, how they are covering their incapabilities.

  1. Youtubers: As you know most of the youtube reviews are paid and are in favor only. Now I will tell you some points which are common in most of these Videos.
  • To cover-up that there is no, In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, they will try to put one thing in your mind as a fact that In-Display Fingerprint scanners are slow and others are fast. But Samsung is the only company to have that fast In-Display Scanner in the Note series.
  • They will focus on how was their experience on ONE-UI.
  • They will hardly mention, the design similarity of the Samsung M51 to M31. I have been following Some YouTubers who will give special importance to the material used didn’t dare to speak about Plastic Body.
  • They will just keep on Praising about its 7000Mah Battery, or 64 hrs of Calling time and all that or how the device is an upgrade from other devices.
  1. Advertising: I have to accept that I got a fan of Samsung M51. They are again promoting Pros, which as a company they Should but Youtubers must give an honest review. The way presented they Monster is literally out of the box Idea. But mobile is Useless

3. Reverse Charging: It is not new Samsung already has this feature in their Flagship that too wireless and wired too but it was necessary to create Hype through adding a Type-C to Type-C Cable in the Box and Paid Reviews.

Now, this is Done for New Samsung M51. I think so there are many alternatives for this Device, But if you are too eager to Buy a non-Chinese Device, then it’s your Take, and you should wait until an Indian Phone comes with great Optimization and Performance.

I hope you won’t waste money on Just Battery, buy a Power Bank Rather. So, summing everything up Thank you for Reading, Do like, share, and comment.

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