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We, humans, are always excited when medical and technical things come together either it is helping machines or complete robotic surgery. So, Elon Musk now came up with an idea of Neuralink the device which is not for playing music directly into the head like memes but to help the disabled people having neurological diseases such as 

  • Memory loss
  • Hearing Loss
  • Blindness
  • Paralysis
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Extreme Pain
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Strokes
  • Brain Damage.

It is also being claimed that it would record fitness. So, its idea is that there would be 1024 thinnest possible cables running into Brain nerves and generating electric signals, controlling electric signals. Earlier there was a bulkier design but now it is simplified to coin size. 

Credits:- Neuralink Official.

They say that it would be a perfect fit in Skull as the skull is 10mm thick and the same is the Neuralink. Now, let’s talk about some challenges which I think the company would face in its implementation and others too. 

  •  Charging:- In the Live it was said that it would inductively charge. As all know this process creates a magnetic field. Also, it says it would be fitted in the skull. So, the part removed can lead to being direct passage for radiation to travel in the brain. It claims to have All-day Battery Life and charging could be in the night does that mean that Sleep will be affected because possibly there could be a disturbance.
  • Strength:- The question is would the strength of the Skull be affected if a part is removed to fit the device.
  • Skin:- The part where the device will be placed the skin will also be removed, so there will be no hair growth on a particular part. People with good hair growth can cover it up or not and how many chances are there of Infection?
  • Costing:- There was no mention about what it can cost, but by my understanding, it will be nowhere less than $10,000 and will drop by time because new machines have to be made completely with more technical research and always Brain surgeries are expensive like for now, DBS surgery can go anywhere up to $30,000.

Now, Let’s talk about some claims, statements, and a few concerns. 

  • Security: This is the main concern in my view because all feelings are in the Brain. So, how will the company react to these securities, there would be no privacy anybody could access that feeling, memory, emotion which should even not be discussed by the person. How will they filter it out? Technically there would be no control over feelings, like if someone loves somebody but searching for a good time and on the other hand that person comes to know about their feeling and get rude about it then, similarly if an employee hates his Boss and his Boss gets to know about it then the person’s future would be destroyed. Some secrets would become were. If the security of Privacy is not the priority then the whole effort in the making of devices becomes zero. Also, Can it control Emotions and the Brain? Will it make humans a robot?
  • Storage: It is such a small device how it will store vast data of Brain although this can be resolved if it takes necessary information according to time.
  • Data Shareable: Is data of Brain Shareable as if my thoughts can be shared with another person like Bluetooth.
  • Battery: The company claimed that it has an All-day battery life but current technology Deep Brain Stimulation has battery drain is different for different diseases. So, How is the company claiming All-day Battery life, is its minimum, maximum, or average?

This is a very futuristic technology and can take up to 10 years in development. Many challenges can be resolved using A.I. also like the security challenge, There are many tests going on animals like Pigs you can check there official Youtube to stay connected with progress. Elon Musk is a great Entrepreneur from the beginning. So, we can hope it is possible and not a Pipe Dream. Thank You For Reading, Do like, share, and comment on what you liked.

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