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All-new Android11. Is it Better than Android10?

Published by Rajwinder Singh on

Google officially announced the new OS Android11. In this blog, I will tell you about all the features of a new upgrade in one of the Best OS. It is best for Stock Android and these features can be already existing in One UI or any other. So, let us begin:-


  • Gesture Sensitivity:- When using gesture nav, you can now fine-tune both Back gestures on the left and right edge independently of one another.
  • Voice Access:- This time Accessing your device by Mobile will be increased it is accessibility for the Disabled. 
  • Lookout:- This is a scanning feature for Documentation, Food, for people with low visibility. It also turns on Flashlight while Reading in Low light.
  • Camera Updates:- Now, in the new Android11 Update Developers can mute vibrations from notifications, alarms, etc. Developers can enhance the Bokeh Effect in the picture.
  • Bedtime Mode:- This is like Do Not Disturb mode in this during Sleep all notifications go Silent, screen Grayscale increases, and calls are silent.
  • Clock:- Clock in the new Android11 is improved to give us a healthy sleeping pattern. It has got a new feature of sunrise alarm which increases brightness slowly after sunrises and alarm rings.
  • Work and Personal apps:- All new Android11 gives you features to combine work and personal apps to get the best view on your Android phone.
  • Work Profile:- You can easily turn on or turn off work profile on your phone.
  • Device Controls:- This time google is mostly concerned about Privacy and now we can control all devices with one device on spot.
  • Context-aware airplane mode:- Now, if earphones, headphones, or hearing aid are connected with Bluetooth, then Bluetooth won’t be turned off while Airplane Mode is on.
  • Android Auto:- Now, while connecting your Android Phone with Car there is no need for connecting cables, now android Auto supports wireless Transmission.
  • Bubbles:- It is like Facebook messenger’s bubble feature in this conversation shows as a pop-up.
Android11 like the example from ss of Facebook
  • Smart Reply:- In pixel Mobiles there are suggestions for the reply by reading what’s been going on Conversations. Don’t worry Google is not a Snitch, but you are on WhatsApp by Facebook.😂
  •  Nearby Share:- Like Airdrop this feature can share files faster than ever this is not limited to android devices it works on any device running Chrome Browser.
  • One time Permissions:- This means to give Apps permission for once use only and we have to give every time we use the app. I think so giving the feature of allowing using apps only was a better option as it would be a headache to give it every time like Snapchat asking access for the camera, mic every time is not too good Idea as the capture could be missed for the story.
  • Permission Auto-Reset:- This is a very useful feature to me at least there are many apps on my Android Device which have much access to my phone. This feature is that when apps are not used for a while their permissions are auto-reset, and can be turned on again.
  • Resume on Reboot:- This is again a great feature. It’s been irritating when I lost my work because I have enabled Auto-update, but this feature continues the functions running already on the phone after reboot or restart.
  • Blocked Permissions:- this feature can be considered as ease for users, this is that if you blocked access for permission to an app then it would block the app asking for permission.
  • Screen Recorder:-Now, in Android 11 there is a feature of in-built screen recorder with the feature of turning mic and screen gestures on and off. Although this was already provided by One UI etc, new to stock android.
  • Ethernet Tethering:-This feature allows us to share a tethered internet connection with a USB ethernet dongle. This feature is weird.
  • Hinge angle sensor:- This feature is with the perspective of new Folding technology. So apps can better support all kinds of foldable configurations.
  • Picture in picture:- This feature was compatible with other UI but will now work with Stock Android after Android11.
  • Notification History:- This would reveal notification history in the setting available. *Suggestion* Google should not show Whatsapp deleted message notifications.😂
  • Scheduled Darkmode:- In this feature, we can schedule when we want dark mode and when we want standard Display. I think so Apple should also give this feature and reading mode too at least on the iPad.
  • 5G detection:- App developers can now know whether the user is having a 5G connection or not.

This is done for All-new Android11.

It is surely a great Update. Thank you for reading. If you like my Blog Kindly like, Share, Subscribe to our Blog Site to stay notified. You can tell me your Suggestion in the Comments. You can read my previous blogs:

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