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6G Technology – Fully Explained

Published by Rajwinder Singh on

So, there are leaks for 6G technology. Also, After a long wait 5G is in use now, although it’s not implemented that well but yet we can say that it is officially released will be implemented soon after getting news of Samsung investing Billions of Dollar. Now, you must be thinking that maybe Title is wrong. No, we must get an idea of what’s going on. Let me start with the Topic. These big multi-billion Companies work for being FutureProof. Back in 2013 Samsung already announced that it has been working on 5G Technology.

This is a Screenshot of Samsung Newsroom regarding Samsung's 5G development Back in 2013.

You can check out the Date. Now, we all know that these generations take time to be available for all like 4G was way too expensive and rare back in 2016 but then JIO arrived in India making it available for all. So, Samsung and Qualcomm both are working on 6G technology.

You must be thinking why would I need a 6G network if my games are running smoothly on 4G. Why would I even need 5G but for Development, it is very necessary. Like, This 6G technology can Download 100Hrs of Netflix in just 1 sec it is so Fast. That means you need just 1min27.6 exact seconds for entertainment for a whole year😲

This is not a very great answer to your question, but it is Predicted that 5G is all AR/VR, A.I, and developing Tech for 6G, But 6G is about More like Self Driving Cars, X.R, and all that things making everything Digital. I am thinking if there were few minor accidents in the development how would they argue” Your Car’s Software mustn’t be Upgraded”, Second one would say “ No, your Sensor was Damaged it is Your Fault”. Not only this, the Police would Punish for not Maintaining the car😂.

So, let’s get more into tech. These are passed through millimeter-wave which is so small that it makes the problem of connectivity. It is however adjustable with 5G but then even needs a  5G tower on every alternative street for better Connections, which decreases whenever there is an obstacle between the receiving device and the transmitting Tower. 

Now, think of 6G when waves would be smaller than you may need a Tower for your Home. To tackle the problem there is research for the new technology of transmission and Receiver. There two types of designs featured for this 1st one is that Mobile Device will act as both Sender and Receiver like this in the image. This tech can be used to create Self-Driven Car WEB, leading to no traffic. 

Explaining 6G technology.

Now, It is limited to Data only, not your Internet PLans. Like it’s not that Some other person would use the Internet with your Package. The second idea is that there would be separate devices all over House to Give Stable Internet Connection. Checkout Image for Visual Understanding. I tried my best to get the information to you.

Explaining 6G technology.

Now, these 2 are designs presented for 6G technically 2nd one is for Wifi. For 6G we need to develop Our smartphones else, we Don’t know what technology would Come in the Future. So, let us talk about what is a problem with 1st Technology. So, there are very few problems which can be handled which are firstly Hardware Development in New tech mobiles or maybe devices we would be using at the time. If mobiles will be there then maybe it would be heavy and Thick but after time technology would improve further. Second is the Data Privacy Issue as anybody can Hack mobiles through this.

Now, you must be thinking about how much time it would take for you to get 6G and 5G. So, for 5G it would take 3 years at Max, and in the case of 6G, it would be implemented until 2034. Let’s say if 6G is discovered in 2030 then you can get a 6G device 2030 and 2031 if you will be an Apple user😂.

Now, let’s talk about the consequences of these new Generations and towers. So, firstly these emit radiations which are harmful to humans and can cause many Diseases. These Radiations block Full Usage of the Brain. These towers create a Magnetic Field Around the area which leads to misdirection of Birds Causing death and many Bird Species Getting Extinct.

Many people won’t believe this but it is real. But it is a fact that every Generation has reported increasing Environmental harm. Also, few jokes were from present-day, research going So Far. If you are Future Reader then maybe they are wrong, like Apple can Provide us 6G same year or maybe not.

This is Done for 6G.

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