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SEO is of two types i.e Off-Page Seo and On-Page Seo. So, What is meant by Off-Page SEO? These are done to increase ranking in Website Ranking on Google (SERPs). Off-page SEO refers to practices that are done outside the boundaries of your website, practices done to increase awareness, Brand reach, make a website popular. There are many factors which are as follows:-

  1. Backlinks:-This means how much you are being referred to other Webpages. Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. You can Checkout out our blog here for Backlinks.
  2. Email Marketing:-It means sending you Blog Subscribers, regular Email to make sure that they are connected to you.
  3. Sponsorship:-Promotions and sponsoring other bloggers of the relevant content makers can help for gaining views and traffic.
  4. Sharing:-After posting a Blog Sharing it to your niche communities on social media platforms.
  5. Guest blogging:-This means to write Blogs for famous high DA page to Receive High-quality Backlinks, Fame.
  6. Blog Submission:-Blog should be uploaded regularly to increase engagement with the audience.
  7. Presentation:-Presentation of blogs like title, meta description, should be attractive enough to gain traffic.
  8. Forums:-This means to promote your blog site on different scales like Quora, Reddit, Facebook, etc.
  9. Influencer marketing:-Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using Famous influencers to drive your message to a larger audience.

Now, How it helps us? Let’s take an example:- You want to have Pizza and you are in Market with 3 outlets of pizza Serving Brands. Now, how will you choose which outlet you should Go?

  • Reference:- You asked 3-4 people there and they say you to go to outlet 2 for best Experience. This is Referring or Backlinks in Digital Language
  • Promotion:- You see hoarding with a celeb’s picture enjoying Pizza in Outlet 3 which also influences you to try that Outlet. This is Influencer Marketing for Outlet 3 and Sponsorship for the celeb.
  • Social Media:- Now, you see a post on Facebook with a check-in of Outlet 1, which also praised the Service and Taste. This is Forum Submission.
  • Presentation:-Now, you look at all 3 outlets and notices that outlet 2 is Theme-Based they use mickey mouse dresses for Waiter and many more which influences you to check it out once. This is a presentation of the Product/Website.
  • Now, you finally visit an outlet and had a great experience there and when you refer it to others, This is Sharing.

Although, these examples may not be as specific but will give you a practical idea of the factors. So, it would be easy for you to understand how Off-page Seo helps us to Rank. It simply increases Popularity, visibility, and gives it a brand Value in the Sub-conscious Mind.

So, we know what is Off-page SEO? How to do it? What are its component? How it helps us? We must know, common mistakes which people often make during Procedures and precautions. Those are:-

  1. Referring Domains:- Backlinks you are getting must be of your Niche.
  2. Email marketing:-Mostly people spam one’s Email with their blog which shouldn’t be there as it makes the reader irritate and unsubscribe the channel.
  3. Sharing:-The communities in which you share your content should be relevant and in your niche.
  4. Forums:-You must not Spam and promote unnecessarily.
  5. Influencer Marketing:-Influencer must be in Your Niche otherwise it is Useless.
  6. Presentation:-The title and secondary factors should be related to content and not a clickbait.
  7. Guest Blog:-The blogging Site must be of your niche.

So, this is all done for Off-Page SEO. Thank You. Please let me know what thing did you liked and rectify me in Comment Section. If, you liked my Explanation Do share it.

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