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Beware of these scams in Digital Marketing.

Published by Rajwinder Singh on

You know that Digital Marketing is now a vast field to earn money and fame. So, there are many Scams in this field. I will tell you many scams out of which many are related to Social Media. So, let’s start.

  1. Content Spinning:- This means to edit and manipulate Data/content in such a way that it doesn’t show in Plagiarism Checker.
  2. Link Farming:- This is pretty much similar to Link Buying in this a lot of backlinks which could have high DA/PA or low DA/PA but most of it are out of topic and eventually drop after some time but many ranks for some time and earn revenues through it. Then, a new domain- a new site- a new scam with the old trick.
  3. Company Scams:- Yes, even big professional Companies do SEO Scams. I will tell you some of them.
  • They know algorithms: Google is a giant company and the trade secrets are limited to them and they would never share it with just anyone.
  • Free Trials a few times: They say they are best and fastest in the field and you can try a free trial. Then to convert victims to Clients they use Black Hat SEO to rank in limited Period.
  • Asking for time: If a Sweet tongued Salesman always says they need time to get your website ranked, But fails to show even small Progress then you must change the Company. SEO takes time but constant progress is necessary even if it is Small. Although if you are ranking for a keyword on a good rank already then it is understandable 
  1. Image Backlinks: Now, this is the most commonly used  Scam. Now, for an idea, it works on copyrights. Suppose you use an Image and get copyright what generally you would do either pay for it or give credit to them. These scammers use a reverse lookup Tool to get your site, then they pretend to be the owner of Image. Then they ask for credit in the form of a link in the alt text of Image which makes them get a Backlink. This is widely done to get backlinks. The easiest way to prevent it is by using Royalty-free images, always ask for the rights, recheck how often they do it, be sure that you get images from a good and trusted website like Pixaby. If you think something is fishy then don’t give a backlink until you are confirmed.
  2. Social Media Scams: There are a lot of Scams going on Social Media. Let’s look at them: 
  • Fake Followers: Many Instagrammers are often accused of having Fake followers. Now, it doesn’t end here they create fake Wikipedia profiles to get a blue tick/verified symbol. Now, due to this, they get some opportunities for modeling and real models are left behind struggling. Also, they do this with companies who use an influencer to promote their products. But they get very fewer conversions because followers are fake.
  • Fake Views: Many youtube get Fake views, likes, comments, even they bug trending Page to get their video on trending, for example, Gauravzone, This again leads to getting them, sponsors, and earn out of it.
  1. Trashing a site: Many scammers blackmail newcomers there site asking them to give them money or they would destroy the site by creating Backlinks but you can remove them through the webmaster. 

This is it for today’s Blog beware of scams happening in Digital Marketing. Thank You for Reading. Do, comment, share, like, and tell me what you liked.     



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