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About Me

My name is Rajwinder Singh, a resident of India and I am 16 Year Old. I have a great interest in Digital Marketing, Technical Rigs, Bikes, and Cars, for connection to my interests I want to buy Exotic Vehicles through Digital Marketing. This Website is made for different contemporary and futuristic subjects and inclines to share the learning of such subjects with the people of the world. So, let’s start from Beginning. I belong from a small Village Heron Kalan, Mansa in Punjab with technology being in blood my interests are inherited from my Father who owns a well-established firm in Mohali(one of Technology Hub in India) dealing in Software solutions now you know what I meant with “Technology in Blood”, I m bike and car enthusiast my favorite bike is Hayabusa and Favorite Cars are G-Wagon G63, Mustang GT. My additional Hobbies are playing Volleyball, Cycling, Playing Video games, Listening to Songs. I have my Loving partner, My Dog “LIMO”.For sure I have my best interest in Digital Marketing, Technical Stuff, Gaming Stuff. I am here to gain experience in various topics and want to give my precious time in a good direction.