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My name is Rajwinder Singh, I am 18 years old. 

I am passionate youngster, always ready to learn new things, and meet new people. And, I am regularly working to get more socialize. I have completed High School, and moving to Canada for University. My Interest similar to many teenagers, which Includes Bikes, Cars, listening to music, lead a healthy lifestyle. But unlike many of my Age, I am also very interested in Poetry and Poems. I love to read and listen to History.  I am very influenced by Indian History and Freedom Fighters

In past 3 years, I have gained various Goals, experiences, interests mentioned above. Corona Lockdowns helped me a lot for personal development. I have gained Experience of website development, SEO, Content Writing, Sales. Which narrows down to a broad interest of mine in IT sector.  I have got a good experience of bidding and Upwork and have dine well in it. 

mY Skills

I would like to summarize my skills as “Jack of All, Ace of None”.  I am constantly Improving and Learning.

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